Warnaar Trail

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Warnaar Trail Details

What is the project timeline?
The trail IS NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (April 2019)! A grand opening will be scheduled soon! Watch the SWMMBA facebook page for trail status updates and special events. Note that with additional donations, SWMMBA can create even more trail features.

Donate today if you would like to see more features!

What type of terrain does the Warnaar Trail consist of?
The Warnaar Trail at Meyer Broadway Park is a mountain bike specific trail that stretches approximately 7miles in length and features many berms, rollers, and grade reversals. This property has amazing terrain that allows for many fun and abrupt “ups and downs”. This trail changes direction based on the day of the week. Refer to trail signage to make sure you are traveling in the correct direction. A single loop has over 450 feet of elevation gain and plenty of “flow”. The countless berms allow you to keep off the brakes as you maintain your speed. There are a handful of open meadows that meander you throughout the park connecting the many amazing sections of forest canopies.
Our additional fundraising for this trail will directly affect how many optional lines and features we can construct and implement for this trail system.

How will this trail impact my family and community?
The Meyer Broadway Park is easily accessible. It is a mere 1.3 miles West of US 131 on Broadway Rd in Three Rivers, MI. The park has many amenities: 7 miles of hiking trails, playground, picnic pavilion, barbeque grills, modern restrooms, 36 hole disc golf course and a 5 acre enclosed dog park. Truly a place where the entire family can enjoy the outdoors. The St. Joseph County Parks & Recreation department puts great effort into maintaining this park to ensure that you have access to many outdoor recreation opportunities.

Is there a park entrance fee?
There is a park pass required for out of county residents (St. Joseph County, MI). Single-day passes are $4 and an annual pass is available for $20. This park does offer a self-registration station at the park entrance.

Where can I sign up to help volunteer?
We are always looking for volunteers to help on and off the trail system. For a complete list of volunteer opportunities connect to our Facebook page at SWMMBA.

What type of impact will the Warnaar Trail have on the environment?
The Warnaar Trail will provide a natural surface, single-track trail for mountain bikers. The trail will be built using sustainable trail design and construction guidelines that hold sustainability and trail longevity at the highest regard.

How much does the trail cost to build and why?
See our Budget/Sponsorship Document for more information.

Want to donate to the trail system?

Credit cards/Paypal via this link

For donations by check or for corporate donations:
See our Sponsorship Document