Board Member Job Descriptions


The president shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation and shall have authority approved by the majority of the board over the general control and management of the business and affairs of the corporation. The president shall have power to appoint or discharge employees, agents, or independent contractors, to determine their duties, and to fix their compensation. The president shall sign all corporate documents and agreements on behalf of the corporation, unless the president or the Board instructs that the signing be done with or by some other officer, agent, or employee. The president shall see that all actions taken by the Board are executed and shall perform all other duties incident to the office. This is subject, however, to the president’s right and the right of the Board to delegate any specific power to any other officer of the corporation. The president shall preside at all Board meetings.

**President is a 3 year commitment starting as President and then 1 year Past President.

Vice President

The vice president(s), if any, shall have the power to perform duties that may be assigned by the president or the Board. If the president is absent or unable to perform his or her duties, a vice president shall perform the president’s duties until the Board directs otherwise. Such vice president shall perform all duties incident to the office.

**Vice President is a 1 year commitment as Vice President.


The secretary shall (a) keep minutes of Board meetings; (b) be responsible for providing notice to each member or director as required by law, the Articles, or these Bylaws; (c) be the custodian of corporate records; (d) keep a register of the names and addresses of each member, officer and director; and (e) perform all duties incident to the office and other duties assigned by the president or the Board.

**Secretary is a 1 year commitment.


The treasurer shall (a) have charge and custody over corporate funds and securities; (b) keep accurate books and records of corporate receipts and disbursements; (c) 7 deposit all moneys and securities received by the corporation at such depositories in the corporation’s name that may be designated by the Board; (d) complete all required corporate filings; and (e) perform all duties incident to the office and other duties assigned by the president or the Board.

**Treasurer is a 3 year commitment.

At Large Directors

There are 7 At Large Directors that will assist in making decisions for the organization and assisting the Board in any way necessary. These directors are apponted by the current elected board.

**Director is a 1 -year commitment.

Appointed Director Positions
  • Membership Director/MMBA Representative (1 year)
  • Website Coordinator (1 year)
  • Maple Hill Trail Committee (1 year)
  • Meyer Broadway Trail Committee (1 year)
  • Fort Custer Trail Committee (1 year)
  • Al Sabo Trail Committee (1 year)
  • Event/Fundraising Director (1 year)