Fort Custer Mountain Bike Trails

Fort Custer Recreation Area on

The current trail system at Fort Custer was developed by the Southwest Michigan Mountain Biking Association (SWMMBA). Existing roads within the Park were linked to singletrack loops that were designed from scratch. The Amusement Park was built in 1993, with subsequent construction of The Trenches, Rocks and Roots, Granny’s Garden, Crazy Beaver, and the entire Green Loop. Trail markers were purchased and installed by the SWMMBA. The Blue Loop was marked using preexisting trails. The Horse Friends group added trail markers to the system in 2005, encouraging equestrians and bikers to ride in opposite directions for improved safety. The Sled Dog group added markers in 2006.

In 2012 a separate equestrian trail system was developed. The Blue loop was still open to all users; while the Red, Green, and Yellow Loops were  established as biking and hiking only.

In 2017, with permission from the DNR, SWMMBA made the Red, Green, and Yellow trails directional based on the day of the week. On Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday the trails are counterclockwise (the original direction); on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday they are clockwise. Please follow the direction signage at the trailhead and at trail crossings.

The Blue and Yellow loops are recommended for novice riders, while the Red and Green are rated intermediate. There are bypasses available for advanced features on both the Red and Green trails.

This is the complete trail map system at Fort Custer Recreation Area. Please NOTE that this map shows the trail separation of Equestrian and Biking Trails. Bikes are not allowed on ANY equestrian only trail.

Detailed DNR Map…