March 18, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM at KRESA in Portage, MI.

In attendance: Travis Bell, Meg Zaplowski, Charlene Orwat, Colby Novar, Amy Simmons, Mike Needham, Andrew Gray, Tony Trojanowski, Mike Miller, Julie Weighman, Karen, Kevin Steely, Craig Rittenhouer.

Absent Board Members: Gordie Allen

Sign in complete, guests introduced. Prior meeting minutes remain incomplete, will be sent via email.


  • Membership: Currently stands at 128. Ten new members where recruited during the Team Active Party & Bell’s event. Need to recruit a volunteer to chair membership responsibilities.
  • Treasurer: Submitted by Colby Novar. Account at Consumers Credit Union closed. New account at PNC Bank. Considering using Quick Books software available for $10/month. Considering creating a separate account for Markin Glen. Looking to consulate storage. Rental storage unit will be paid monthly until contents can be stored elsewhere.
  • Communications: Trail warning/closure communication is currently be done on site. Considering other means to communicate to trail users that trails are not in good riding condition. Website updates will be addressed at a later date.
  • Advocacy: MMBA update includes MI Trails and Advisory Counsel and development of a Bicycle Marketing Tourism Plan.
  • Adopt-a-trail: Andrew is working on volunteer list, re-configuring some sections, start date TBD



  • DNR: Report submitted by Tony Trojanowski and appears as addendum. Trail maintenance plan to be submitted by Mike and/or Gordy. Fat Bike loop being reclaimed. Tony Calloway & Dan Warner will address. FC events to be posted on our website.
  • Trail dates: Schedule established & will be posted on website
  • DNR Friends Summit 2015 April 24 & 25. Would appreciate a SWMMBA presence, SWMMBA will cover travel costs.
  • Kiosk Sign: Needs to be replaced, should include trail etiquette, will address at later date.


  • Sponsorship: Parks dept would need to sign off on any sponsor. Information re: taxes/endowment available via KPL Oneplace
  • Next Step: Flagging of south trail, parking lot improvement, changing station and water availability can be addressed at this time. The North Side Trail will be built by Spectrum, availability in Fall, 2015
  • Invoice from Spectrum: $1095, Includes the two days of work for trail proposal, payment due.


  • Bike Swap: Update provided re: participating vendors, advertising, bike corral, door prizes, volunteer list. Venue will be revisited to tie up loose ends. Radio advertising was discussed: cost vs benefit.
  • Stampede: Twenty racers currently registered. Email blast to be sent to previous racers. Timing & scoring in place. T-shirts will be gray, Poster printing awaiting finalizing of sponsorship. Port-a-johns have been reserved, Awards will be pint glasses or medals.
  • IMBA Trail Care Crew visit date is yet to be determined. More details to follow.


  • Change of Bylaws re: Board elections presented. Will be presented again next month
  • Kalamazoo Bike Week: Meg will coordinate a SWMMBA scheduled event. Suggestions included: Bike film at local venue, fund raiser with a band that a member’s wife is part of. Will look into activities already scheduled.
  • Snotstock: not held this year due to scheduling conflicts, weather, etc.
  • Meet & Greets: SWMMBA presence at Team Active Party, Bell’s Iceman Registration and Melting Mann Race to promote new projects and membership drive. More flyers to be distributed at Barry Roubaix Race. Suggestion to sponsor a cook out at a LBS in late Spring/early summer.
  • Training: Suggestion to have Oneplace attend our meeting to provide information about vision and mission. Tentative date of July 15.

Julie Weighman commented on the numerous undertakings of chapter and inquiring about adequate volunteers. Suggestion made to add link to website detailing committees available for volunteer opportunities. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM
Next meeting May 20, 2015 6 PM at KRESA in Portage, MI.