June 17, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 6:08 PM at KRESA in Portage, MI.

In attendance: Colby Novar, Charlene Orwat, Amy Simmons, Tony Calloway, Mike Needham, Gordie Allen and Cathy Bagi.

Absent Board Members: Travis Bell and Meg Zaplowski

Sign in was complete. No guests in attendance. May meeting minutes unavailable for review.


  • Membership: Currently at 111.
  • Treasurer: Submitted by Colby. $500 expenditure for movie, unReal
  • Communications: Calendar of events to be developed to keep track of yearly events for membership opportunities and trail days. Crosscountrycycle.com has all the races listed, may use as reference. May need a subcommittee to spearhead. Will also need an internal only events page for board members. Group rides also discussed: not an official ride because that would require a permit. However, Pedal hosts a group ride on Mondays, which does not require a permit. Gordie proposed making ride leaders aware it is a “no drop” ride.
  • Advocacy: Regional Leadership Council during last 2 recent summits has agreed that MMBA is worthwhile and should be preserved. MMBA is working to develop a strategic plan, which is due August 1st. They are continuing to strive to get mountain bikers represented at the strategic planning. IMBA does not have a provision in its structure to recognize a state wide chapter.
  • Adopt-a-trail: Three problem areas are being addressed. Email sent to those responsible for those sections. Tools being used from shed must be signed out. Please report any disrepair.



  • DNR: Report submitted via email in Tony’s absence.
  • Trail counters (3) are still in the ground on red, green and yellow loops. Need to be unearthed, batteries changed and data to be downloaded.
  • Trail day June 27. Event to be created on FB. Plan is to clear trail for Skills Park. No wood is cut yet. Also to address areas of erosion: repair, plank or reroute.


  • Sponsorship agreement: No firm commitment from Maple Hill yet
  • Spectrum visit: Alex could be available as soon as late June/early July. Expected budget is $180,000 for Spectrum. Also need lodging, equipment and volunteer support.
  • Fundraising: Proposal to use Kalamazoo Community Foundation to manage funds.
  • South section is flagged and ready for corridor work. Working on plans for trailhead. Have estimate for water station, waiting for reply from parks department. Also working on footpath between parking lots, changing station and bike racks.


  • Etiquette sign for kiosk: Tony Trojanowski or Travis could address, neither in attendance.
  • Storage Unit: Not empty yet, paid through next month. Will address emptying the unit at a later date.
  • Training: OnePlace@KPL will present a vision/mission workshop at the July meeting


  • IMBA Trail Care Crew will visit August 28-30. Venue being sought for Saturday morning classroom. Calendar of events to follow.
  • unReal movie fundraiser: Rights have been secured. Showing on August 26th, venue and details TBD.
  • Chainsaw clinic: Travis working with Steensma regional rep to schedule a certification class.

Cathy Bagi presented Gordie Allen with a MMBA Hall of Fame designation
Amy Simmons asking about Stampede appreciation plaques, have they been distributed? The process is ongoing.
Meeting Adjourned at 8:26 PM
Next Meeting July 15, 2015 6 PM at KRESA, Portage, MI