January 21, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM at KRESA in Portage, MI.

In attendance: Travis Bell, Meg Zaplowski, Colby Novar, Charlene Orwat, Amy Simmons, Mike Needham, Rick McIntosh, Andy Gray, Brian Orwat, Tony Trojanowski and Julie.

Absent Board Members: Gordie Allen

Guests: Tyson and Alan

Sign in complete. December minutes not available for review at this time.


  • Membership: Currently at 118.
  • Treasurer: Treasurer’s responsibility has been passed from Rick to Colby. Budget reviewed. Sale of SWMMBA jerseys continue, five remaining. SWMMBA beanies remain for sale. Team Active took 15 for their shop and have sold 7.
  • Communications: Travis will get together with Amy to work on Website and Face book updates. Gordie would like to see MMBA info on website.
  • Advocacy: An executive representative is still needed. Still working through the process of getting Copper Harbor established as part of MI region instead of WI (which it currently is grouped with)



  • DNR report submitted by Tony Trojanowski and appears as an addendum to the minutes. Clean up from Fat tire race last month is satisfactory. No downed trees have been found on trail. Andy will address a winter tree clearing crew via the adopt-a-trail program.
  • Snow trail grooming will be discussed  between SWMMBA, WMMBA and NIMBA


  • Sponsorship package still being developed.
  • MOU has been signed and passed on for final vote by commissioners on February 8, 2015. Once signed, we are free to move forward. Alex Stewart has indicated that he will be available for this project in October.


  • Bike Swap: Committee meeting was held January 15th. Informational bullet to be added to website. LBS and other participants are being contacted, an informational flyer is being developed as well as an event poster.
  • IMBA Trail Care Crew visit has been postponed until late August.
  • Winter prep activities: Approx 25 logs are ready for planing with the sawmill. Trailer inventory is scheduled for Jan 31, 9 AM at Gordie’s barn. Sledding hill will be prepped for snowstock event.


  • Stampede: Preparations have begun. Committee is forming. Gordie will layout course.
  • Markin Glen sponsorship committee is forming. Contacting the interested parties that signed volunteer sheet at EOYP. Grant writing: Follow up with individuals willing to assist as well as utilization of community resources such as oneplace via KPL and Portage Public Schools community programs.
  • Chapter identity: Clarification of our organization’s mission. Pursue avenues for training and education such as oneplace, IMBA, etc
  • Bylaws: review of terms and positions to be discussed.

Melting Mann race is March 8th @ 10 AM. SWMMBA logo will appear on the jersey. Need for SWMMBA presence .
Andy reported that the awards for the adopt-a-trail participants were well received and appreciated.
$50 donation was made to SWMMBA by the MUSHERS.
National Trails Day is June 6. Question weather SWMMBA should sponsor an event. Travis will reach out to KRVT and see if they are sponsoring an event that we may be able to co-sponsor.
Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM.
Next meeting February 18, 2015 6 PM at KRESA