April 15, 2015


Meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM at KRESA in Portage, MI.

In attendance: Travis Bell, his daughter, Jacqueline, Meg Zaplowski, Charlene Orwat, Colby Novar, Amy Simmons, Mike Needham, Tony Trojanowski, Andy Gray, Brian Orwat, Mark Wright and Jamie, Dave.

Absent Board Members: Gordie Allen

Sign in was complete. Guests include Mark and Jamie to present a thank you plate and a $200 donation for SWMMBA’s continued support of Melting Mann. Prior meeting minutes were approved.


  • Membership: Currently at 115. Julie Weighman has expressed an interest in volunteering to chair the membership committee. A proposal was made to hold a quarterly members meeting to update those who may not want to attend a formal board meeting. Perhaps at The Loft at Burdicks in Holiday Inn Kalamazoo West.
  • Treasurer: Submitted by Colby Novar. Includes summary of financial activity Jan- April, 2015.
  • Communications: Working with the DNR. To establish a system to update riders regarding trail conditions, including trail closure when necessary. Will work with Dan Stewart and Mike Needham to get trail condition feedback to include on website. Website updates will be tabled until after the stampede.
  • Advocacy: MI trails legislative day is April 28. MMBA will be in attendance.
  • Adopt-a-trail: Andrew Gray is getting the program restarted for the spring. Several volunteers are returning.



  • DNR: Submitted by Tony Trojanowski and appears as addendum.
  • Chain saw clinic has been organized by the district supervisor to be held in Cadillac. Can we host a clinic at FC? Will look into working with the Stihl Corporation to sponsor the event.
  • Trail counters location need to be determined. They may still be in the ground. Will follow up.


  • Sponsorship meeting next week with Maple Hill. Bell’s has also expressed interest in sponsoring MG in the form of fund raising events, such as a designated MG brew with $1/pint going to the trail fund.
  • Next steps: Tony and Dan will get rolling on the parking lot and water portion of the plan. IMBA TCC will be hosting a trail building class late August/early September.
  • Fundraising: Events still being planned. Title Sponsor still being sought


  • Bike Swap review: Recap given by Brian Orwat. Suggestion made to adjust hours to 9 AM- 1 PM. Also move the event to earlier in the year, perhaps March. Talk to LBS, find out why not much participation.
  • Stampede Update: 100 racers registered. Timing plates and chips secured. Promotional materials from LBS. Sponsor plaques being developed to deliver after the race. More volunteers needed. After race will need to discuss changes for next year re: date, leadership.
  • Bylaw changes: Changes re: election process was again presented. Vote conducted. Changes unanimously approved.
  • Friends Summit: Scheduled for April 24 & 25 in Roscommon. Although it is a very worthwhile event, no volunteers are able to attend. Will start working on plan for next year. Also, a suggestion was made to develop a master calendar for all upcoming events.
  • Etiquette Sign for the Kiosk is still being developed


  • Kalamazoo Bike Week Activities: Women’s bike maintenance clinic in collaboration with Pedal Saturday May 9. Group ride at Al Sabo Monday May 11th
  • Meet and Greet: Cook outs at LBS to introduce SWMMBA volunteers/officers. Dates to be determined.
  • Training: Vision/mission workshop by OnePlace@KPL July 15, in addition to regular board meeting.

Bittersweet ski area interested in bike trails in the terrain park area. Andrew to make contact with.
Grant money available. Sadie of AMBUCS may be able to help as a grant writer. Sadie has done grant writing with the Kalamazoo County Parks Dept as a board member.
Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM
Next meeting May 20, 2015 6 PM at KRESA, Portage, MI