September 17, 2014


Meeting was called to order at 6:04 PM at KRESA in Portage, MI.

In attendance: Travis Bell, Meg Zaplowski, Charlene Orwat, Gordie Allen, Mike Needham, Amy Simmons, Andy Gray, Tony Calloway, Tony Trojanowski, Tim Krone and guests Dave Walters and Mike Miller

Absent board members: Rick McIntosh

After sign in was complete the August minutes were accepted.


  • Membership: currently at 111.
  • Treasurer: delivered via email in Rick’s absence. Motion to move $500 from PNC account to credit union to pay for incidentals was approved.
  • Communications: Prior months’ minutes have been added to website. Amy & Travis working on setting up twitter and Instagram accounts for SWMMBA.
  • Advocacy: IMBA summit October 25 & 26 will be attended by Gordie and Meg & Brad Zaplowski. Accommodations paid for by MMBA, Motion was passed to pay gas & food expenses via SWMMBA.



  • DNR report submitted by Tony Trojanowski and appears as an addendum at the end of the minutes. Trail change request form was discussed. Gordie voiced concerns about the master plan not being followed as it pertains to equestrian trail change request. Upcoming trail work to repair damage done during recent storms has been approved. Flags will be placed and work can be completed. Water will be shut off at trail head parking lot on October 20 or 21. Yellow loop is now open. Map will be posted to website.
  • Adopt-a-Trail: Program winding down for the season. No official stop date has been set, allowing program to slowly peter out. Trailer has been returned to Dan’s shop (Custer Cyclery). Sign to be placed at trailhead by April of next year. Continue to discuss thank you gift for trail volunteers such as a plaque. Suggestion made by Mike Miller (marketing experience) to offer an item that can only be available to volunteers. Not for sale, such as jacket, shirt. End of season party for volunteers still being discussed.
  • Trail counters have been removed and data collected. Gordie presented the summary with graphs and charts of usage of red and green trails. Third counter to be placed on yellow loop.


  • Alex Stewart has completed the design proposal. Estimate has been divided to allow for al-a-carte. Entire trail is 5-6 miles, could be completed in a couple of weeks at a cost of $126K.
  • MOU has been received, forwarded to IMBA for legal review. There will be a few legal issues that need to be ironed out. In the meantime, planning of phase 1 will include trailhead and trail. May be able to work on southern portion of the park independent of Alex Stewart’s project once the MOU is in place
  • IMBA will be conducting a class in Oregon in October re: use of heavy equipment in trail building. Tony Calloway & Dan Stewart planning to attend.


  • MTB 101: Charlene & Brian Orwat & Andy Gray conducted the event held for the Southridge Church Youth Group on Saturday September 6. The event was well received and appreciated by the participants. The group will be camping and riding at Fort Custer the last weekend of September.
  • Board elections: Applications and nominations need to be submitted in advance of December voting. Possibility of changing the bylaws to reflect a change in timing of election was again discussed. Will keep the timing for this year, but revisit discussion. Also by laws stipulate voting members (5 at present). Suggestion made to add Amy Simmons as a voting member due to her many years of service & experience with SWMMBA.


  • Texas Township has been gifted a 65 acre parcel of land off P Ave. The town board is asking for community input as to what should be done with land. Meg will plan to attend the meeting as a town resident and SWMMBA representative.
  • Brian and Charlene are working on organizing a bike swap for spring 2015. Proposed date is Sunday, April 12th. Venue options are being considered.
  • Grant information needs to be collected and organized. Still in need of a volunteer to take on this project.
  • IMBA chapter workshop to be held here in MI, details to follow.
  • SWMMBA presence at area events such as the peak to-peak, ice man, Barry Roubaix. Bike jersey design could be done via primal, farm out the design to members as a contest, or come up with our own. Under helmet beanie also suggested, as well as a pop up tent with SWMMBA logo on it, stickers and car decals.

Dave Walters, Mayor of Battle Creek, attended tonight’s meeting as a biking enthusiast as well as a representative of the city. He is on the planning committee and is interested in bridging the 9 mile gap between Fort Custer and the biking trail system in BC. The committee meetings are held the 3rd Thursday, all are welcome to attend.
Tony Calloway suggested organizing a fat tire race at FC in the winter, either as part of the series or independently. He will look into details.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:06. Next meeting at KRESA on October 15, 2014.