November 19, 2014


Meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM at KRESA in Portage, MI.

In attendance: Travis Bell, Meg Zaplowski, Charlene Orwat, Mike Needham, Amy Simmons, Andy Gray, Brian Orwat, Mike Miller, new member and treasurer nominee Colby Norvar.

Absent Board members: Gordie Allen and Rick McIntosh

After sign in was complete the October minutes were accepted.


  • Membership: Currently at 113.
  • Treasurer: Submitted by Rick via email.
  • Communication: Getting good feedback from Twitter and Instagram. The SWMMBA website now has a link for volunteerism with a list of subcommittees and needs list. Suggestion was made to add buttons for Twitter, Instagram and possibly you tube.
  • Advocacy: Mike provided the recap on the MMBA summit in Gordie’s absence. MMBA still plays a vital role as the unified voice. The organization is still in need of a CPS representative. Further information will be provided by Gordie.



  • Tony Trojanowski not at meeting, therefore DNR report not available.


  • Phase one is in progress.
  • Sponsorship package to be established. Travis is currently working on this project, however, it is too big a task for one person. Therefore, a sponsorship committee of 2-3 people will be established.
  • There may be grant money available through the Kalamazoo Foundation to hire a grant writer. IMBA is another source for grant writing information that will be investigated.
  • Still waiting for official response from Parks department on MOU.


  • Inventory all SWMMBA tools and supplies for insurance coverage purposes and to determine what additional items are needed.
  • Sawmill: Use winter months to get available wood ready for spring trail days and skills park.
  • Snow stock, date TBA, most likely in February.


  • Texas Township: Next meeting is November 25, Meg will look into need for SWMMBA presence at the meeting at this time. Meg and/or Tony Calloway have expressed willingness to represent SWMMBA at these meetings.
  • Spring Bike Swap: Recap of the committee meeting of November 11th. After discussions re: the possible venues, Holiday Inn on 11th Street in Kalamazoo was chosen. Charlene will pursue finalizing the details on securing the venue.
  • Board Elections: will take place at end of year party on December 5th at Rupert’s. Continuing to call for candidate nominations. Current bylaws conflict with our current situation. Therefore, after discussion and vote , it was determined that the bylaws will be amended for this vote and revisited at a later time re: a permanent change.


  • End of Year Party will take place at Rupert’s Brew House on Dec 5, 2014 at 7 PM. It will include the election of officers, a chili cook-off and presentation of thank you gifts to the Adopt-a Trail volunteers. It was agreed that SWMMBA members would receive one complimentary beer. Food truck may be on hand for additional food options.
  • IMBA workshop highlighting strategies for growing the club, attracting volunteers and marketing will be pursued at a later time.
  • SWMMBA merchandise: long sleeve jersey will be available through primal website. Hats will be available for sale at the End of Year Party, and perhaps at local bike shops thereafter (to be determined)
  • Fat Tire Race is being developed at FC by Tony Calloway and Mike Miller. Further details to follow.


Suggestion was made to consider establishing a SWMMBA involvement in the National Trails Day event, would tie in well with Markin Glen Trail building.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:52 PM.
Next meeting 6 PM at KRESA 12/17/14.