May 21, 2014

SWMMBA Meeting Minutes 5/21/14

Meeting was called to order at 6:05 PM at KRESA in Portage MI. In attendance: Meg Zaplowski, Charlene Orwat, Rick McIntosh, Amy Simmons, Gordie Allen, Andy Gray and Tony Trojanowski.

Absent board members: Travis Bell and Mike Needham

Sign in completed, no guests to announce, no changes to the agenda. April minutes are still in process and therefore, not available for review.


  • Membership: currently at 112 after the membership drive at Bike week film festival. Membership drive to be held at trail head during trail work days, volunteers welcome.
  • Treasure: Rick suggested looking into accounting software. Few outstanding invoices to be paid for stampede.
  • Communication: IMBA postcards are still being developed. Amy to update website with current photographs from stampede, trail work etc (ACTION ITEM).
  • Advocacy: MMBA bylaws may need to be written in light of it’s altered role: many new chapters, IMBA representation. Continuing to push for mountain bike representation at the state level. Eleven seats on the council, 7 already taken by snowmobilers & equestrians. Working on indemnification law for trail builders. Possibility of SWMMBA sharing it’s trail counter software (can add up to 2500 counters).



  • DNR report submitted by Tony Trojanowski and appears as an addendum at the end of the minutes. Signs project is moving forward, hoping for completion early June. Skills Park has been approved. Entrance to park will include a 16″ skinny elevated plank as a “qualifier”. Additionally, signs will be erected to keep inappropriate and inexperienced riders out. Several research projects ongoing in park.
  • Adopt-a-trail: Very close to getting all areas covered. Trail cleaners will need to announce their intent to work on the trail to the DNR, also need to log hours via SWMMBA website. Acknowledgment to adopters via a sign at the kiosk vs. signs on the trail itself.
  • Stampede recap: Race went very well. Many kudos from participants, few complaints. Merchandise sold well.


  • Committee Update: MOU is still pending. Lots of excitement in the community. But unable to make a formal announcement until agreement is solidified. Committee members will meet within the week to discuss sponsorship level and other details that can be finalized even before MOU is complete.
  • Design/Budget development: Alex Stewart due to visit at the end of the month, no firm commitment as to exactly when.
  • Fund Raising: A separate account will be needed for MG, donation link already available on website. When appropriate, will have an announcement party for MG.


MTB 101: Posters have been printed and distributed to numerous locations. Finalizing instructional content.

Survey: currently on website & face book

Social Activities: Recently held membership drive at Kalamazoo Bike Festival. Gave away t-shirts with memberships. Plan to be more involved with event next year.


IMBA mini grant deadline for submission is May 30th. Need someone to work on it. Meg may give it a try.

Primal jerseys: Travis will address next month.

Club shirts: Travis has, cost was $4.50 each.

Meeting: change of day, time and /or location. Discussion ongoing. Member summer kick off party: Suggestions being considered are Old Mill, Players, Arcadia Brewery, Boatyard Brewery, Eagle Lake Pavilion, Private home. Other suggestions welcome.


Springtime Bike Swap: Brian & Charlene interested in moving forward with this project. Asking for suggestions for site. Kalamazoo fairgrounds suggested. Area fire halls not very spacious. Plan to reach out to additional organizations for their participation ex. KRVT group, Kalamazoo Bike Club, openroadsbike.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42. Next Meeting June 18 at KRESA.