June 17, 2014


Meeting was called to order at 6:08 PM at KRESA in Portage, MI. In arttendance: Travis Bell, Meg Zaplowski, Charlene Orwat, Rick McIntosh, Amy Simmons, Mike Needham and Tony Trojanowski.

Absent board member: Gorgie Allen

After sign in was complete, the April and May minutes were reviewed. One correction to April minutes to be made: Pedal owner is Tim (not Jim).


  • Membership: currently is 117, with 9 new members from the drive at the rerecent trail day. Amy will update an email list (ACTION ITEM).
  • Treasurer: Total of $10,650 coming from Bike Reg for stampede. $6000 still outstanding.
  • Communications: IMBA post card remains in progress. Survey results are coming in slowly.
  • Advocacy: Gordie not present to provide update



  • DNR report submitted by Tony Trojanowski and appears as an addendum at the end of the minutes. Signs are complete and will be put up with next trail day. Posts need to be painted. Tony is awaiting samples from Gordie re: the skills park.
  • Adopt-a-trail: All spots are accounted for or taken by Andy, Gordie or Mike. Anyone else interested can contact Andy for a spot. Some places are overgrown. An email will be sent to the groups with a gentle reminder.


  • Committee Update: Working on a tier donation form. Maple Hill Subaru may be approached first to be title sponsor.
  • Design: Alex of Spectrum Design doing a trail review June 18 & 19. The committee will gather after the review is complete.
  • Fund Raising: Kalamazoo County will provide a list of KRVT sponsors that we should not approach.


Stampede Finacial Review: Will be addressed at a later date when all numbers are in.

MTB 101: Original date of June 8 rained out. Alternate date is June 29th, advertisement remains on website & facebook.

IMBA mini grant: Meg not able to complete application due to lack of paperwork. All grants generally require the same information, therefore that information should be readily available for whoever is applying for the grants in the future.


Primal Jerseys: sponsored by IMBA. Tim from Pedal will get some information for us about the vendors he works with. No action being taken at this time.

Meeting day & time: We have KRESA booked for our Wednesday meetings until the end of this year. Discussion will be revisited.

Summer member kickoff party: Possibilities that were discussed include a members only vs. open party, adult party vs. family party, location at restaurant, park, bike shop etc.


Some Board members unavailable for July meeting, therefore opted to cancel July meeting. May host a hotdog cook out at Ft Custer after a Thursday night ride instead.

Gordie checked in via phone re: trail day. Signs may not be ready to go in the ground. Suggested work on yellow loop.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM. Next meeting August 20 at KRESA.