February 19, 2014

SWMMBA Meeting Minutes 2/19/14

Meeting was called to order at 6:02 PM at KRESA in Portage, MI. In attendance: Travis Bell, Rick McIntosh, Meg Zaplowski, Charlene Orwat, Amy Simmons, Gordie Allen, Mike Needham, Andy Gray, Brian Orwat and Tony Trojanowski.

Absent Board members: Pat Bagi

After sign in was complete January minutes were reviewed. No errors, however Travis requests that absent board members be noted. January minutes will be amended and resubmitted (ACTION ITEM).

Previous month’s minutes will be sent to Amy for posting on website (ACTION ITEM).


Membership: Awaiting information from IMBA re: membership census, two new members received recently. A suggestion was made to send thank you note to new members with information about upcoming meetings, FB & website info. Travis has agreed to do that for now and will work with Pat to form a membership committee (ACTION ITEM). A thank you note has been sent to the individual that made a donation at the end of last year, informing him that his donation is being used as seed money to start a “new trail fund”.

Treasurer’s report shows no significant change. A yearly budget will be devised for the year which will include cash flow, expenses & fundraisers. The Stampede will have a budget formulated as well (ACTION ITEM).

Communications: A modified introduction has been posted to the website. Markin Glen updates will be posted on the website (with the approval of the Kalamazoo County Parks Dept.). (ACTION ITEM). New communications will be sent to Amy for posting on the website and/or emails to members. Member survey is on the website for review.



  • DNR report was submitted by Tony Trojanowski and appears as an addendum at end of minutes.
  • Adopt a Trail report was submitted by Andy Gray.
  • Sections of trail for adoption need to be determined, mile by mile vs. numbers on trail. Gordie and Andy will walk the trail to determine the appropriate sections (ACTION ITEM).
  • Mike will work on a list of invasive species etc. (ACTION ITEM).

Stampede update was presented by Amy.

  • Recent committee meeting had only 4 attendees. Next meeting March 3rd.
  • Volunteer who was most instrumental in registration last year will be unable to volunteer this year. Charlene has agreed to take on role and assist in registration, will work with Amy in getting trained.
  • Maple Hill Subaru has agreed to be the title sponsor. In addition to monetary support, Maple Hill will allow SWMMBA to place race materials in the dealership lobby.

MTB 101 update was presented by Charlene

  • Development of program is ongoing. Finalization includes the exact scope of the program, dates for rides and how to advertise. A suggestion was made to partner with bike shops to conduct demo days at the park. Additional information forthcoming in the weeks ahead. Sign update was summarized by Gordie

As per DNR report we continue to await bids on the project.

After bid review and approval, hopeful for completion mid to late April

Trail days schedule was presented by Gordie

FCRA trail days: Race prep April 26 & May 3

Additional days: 5/31, 6/21, 7/19, 8/23, 9/27, 10/18.


  • Kalamazoo County Parks Dept. had tabled vote at last meeting, board is awaiting changes. Vote expected at March meeting.
  • Design /Budget development is ongoing. Tony Calloway has been working with third party on trail design, envisions a trail system similar to Merrill Trail.
  • Fundraising efforts were again discussed with the proposal to develop a generic “new trail fund” via PayPal button on web site. Funds to be used at SWMMBA’S discretion.



Continuing to seek interested person to take on role of treasurer. Rick will stay on until a replacement is found.

Continuing to seek local advocacy representative, may need to recruit person new to the role and mentor.

Gordie will continue to be the MMBA advocacy representative


IMBA sponsored liability insurance is no longer available. Therefore numerous chapters are actively seeking new insurance coverage.

SWMMBA will be seeking insurance through alternative means such as inquiring where other organizations get their insurance. Meg, Travis and Gordie will spear head this effort (ACTION ITEM).


  • Team Active in BC will be hosting its End-of-Winter Party on February 28. SWMMBA will set up a table for a membership drive. Stampede race entry to be raffled off. Arrangements will be made to get a table runner and/or banner with SWMMBA logo. Will also try to get SWMMBA t-shirts made for volunteers (ACTION ITEM).
  • Bell’s will be hosting Iceman registration also on February 28. SWMMBA will be on hand for that event as well with a membership drive.
  • IMBA has confirmed Trail Care Crew for June 5-8. Additional details to follow.
  • Member survey draft is a available for review on the website & FB. Feedback appreciated.
  • Vision and Mission will continue to be developed. Will use information and insight gained from member survey to assist in development.
  • Openroadsbike.org is an organization promoting youth biking in the Kalamazoo areas. Suggestion was made to utilize this format to promote our MTB 101 program.
  • Regarding Stampede expenses, Amy suggested using PayPal account, option to be explored.


Snowstock will be held this Saturday at FCRA. All are welcome to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40. Next meeting March 19 at KRESA.