December 17, 2014


Meeting was called to order at 6:04 PM at KRESA in Portage, MI.

In attendance: Travis Bell, Rick McIntosh, Charlene Orwat, Gordie Allen, Mike Needham, Colby Novar, Amy Simmons, Tony Calloway and Brian Orwat.

Absent board members: Meg Zaplowski.

After sign in was complete the November minutes were accepted


  • Membership: Currently is at 117. Four new members were recruited at the EOYP
  • Treasurer: Submitted by Rick McIntosh. Travis, Rick, Amy & Colby will meet to create an end of year report and develop a 2015 budget.
  • Communications: Jersey sales updated. Mike Wood at Team Active has agreed to sell SWMMBA beanies at his shop. DNR & Pure MI campaign developing a calender for 2015 featuring State Parks. SWMMBA submitted a FC Stampede photo which will appear on both the DNR & Pure MI calender.
  • Advocacy: A recap of the MMBA Board meeting 12/16/14 was offered by Goldie. Highlights- There is not a spot on the IMBA organizational chart for state advocacy group such as MMBA. However, it is felt that there is still a need for state advocacy. Gordie outlined the several options that were discussed.  Additionally, MMBA is developing a membership committee to ensure uniformity among chapters. Also working on support for legislation that would indemnify mountain bikers similar to the equestrian protection.



  • DNR report submitted by Tony Trojanowski via email
  • Tony Calloway and Dan Warner are working on developing a grooming tool for creating of a fat tire course.  They have suggested using the green loop to avoid foot traffic and mushers.
  • Fat tire race at FC this Saturday


  • Phase one plan and sponsor package remain in progress.
  • A few legal issues remain with the MOU, presently being reviewed by IMBA. Finalization anticipated in January or February.


  •   Mike & Gordie willing to train 6-8 people on the use of saw mill. The plan is to move the saw mill and plank the wood on site.
  •   Trailer/tool inventory has been scheduled for Saturday 1/31/15 at Gordie’s shop.


  • Spring bike Swap: Timetable and deadlines being established. Next activity to be addressed is the creation of a flyer to distribute to LBS and other attendees. Committee meeting to be held on January 15th.
  • IMBA Trail Care Crew visit: No date set yet, hoping for early Spring. Committee will be needed to work out details.


  • MG Sponsorship committee still forming. Following up on interest generated at EOYP , including Anne Wester who would be interested in helping with grant writing
  • Election results from EOYP/Elections:
    • President: Travis Bell
    • Vice President: Meg Zaplowski
    • Treasurer: Colby Novar
    • Secretary: Charlene Orwat
    • State Board Representative: Gordie Allen
    • Advocacy Director: TBD


Designated fat tire trails are available at Yankee Springs & Blanch Trail in Portage.

Marshalls are needed for the Fat Tire Race at FC this Saturday.

The wooden berm built last year may need to be adjusted, suggestions to add that to the planned trail work for this year. Questions:  Are we going to continue to use KRESA for our meetings?

Should we change the location of the post office box?

Meeting was adjourned at 7:43 PM.

Next meeting on January 21, 2015 at KRESA in  Portage, MI