August 20, 2014


Meeting was called to order at 6:04 PM at KRESA in Portage, MI.

In attendance: Travis Bell, Rick McIntosh, Charlene Orwat, Tony Calloway, Tony Trojanowski, Brian Orwat and Andy Gray.

Absent board members: Meg Zaplowski, Gordie Allen, Mike Needham and Amy Simmons

After sign in was complete, the June minutes were accepted


  • Membership: currently is 112.
  • Treasurer: Balance sheet has been started for the Stampede, it will be reviewed when complete. Timing is still to be paid from Stampede account. Cordless drills have been purchased. Website charges will go to credit union account.
  • Communications: IMBA membership drive postcards are on hold. Member survey has generated responses from 20% of active members. Comments included request for better communication, more advance notice and a fall activity.
  • Advocacy: Gordie not present to provide update. State-wide summit scheduled in Grayling October 24 & 25.


  • DNR report submitted by Tony Trojanowski and appears as an addendum at the end of the minutes. Black locust trees are being removed. Permission to use the wood on the trail was granted. Data from the trail counters needs to be more readily available. Travis will pursue this with Pat Bagi (ACTION ITEM). A Harvest fest is scheduled for the campground campers. Hayride on Saturday afternoon on the yellow trail.
  • Adopt-A-Trail: Program going well. A survey will be developed to obtain feedback. Discussing how to recognize participants; either with a plaque, a sign at the trail head, recognition party or a combination
  • Sign installation is ongoing


  • Alex Stewart working on overlay of trail design on a Google map. Trail approx 5 miles. He is also developing an estimate of cost to build and will meet soon to update. SWMMBA will plan to build the southern area trails as a subsequent phase. Trail building to hopefully begin late Winter, early Spring.
  • MOU is still pending. No updates are available regarding fund raising.


  • MTB 101: An event is scheduled for Saturday September 6 with the Southridge Church Youth Group. The group is planning to camp and bike at Fort Custer later in the month and had requested assistance from SWMMBA. After a brief tutorial in the church parking lot, we will ride to Al Sabo for a group ride


  • Trail Counters: One counter is not being used. Suggestions of where to place it include yellow loop at FC, TK Lawless Trail or Al Sabo
  • Texas Township: Planning commission board meeting scheduled to discuss development of approx 60 acres. SWMMBA would like to be represented at the meeting.
  • Board Elections: Scheduled for December, questioning weather there is a better time of year to hold elections. Will reach out to other IMBA chapters to see when they hold elections.
  • Spring Bike Swap: Moving forward with plans to develop event. Possibly first week of April. Brian & Charlene Orwat will form the committee. Several volunteers will be needed. Possible venues include Kalamazoo Expo center, Wing Stadium, Elementary School Gym, or Church hall. Additional information to follow.
  • Grant Information: Need a SWMMBA member to take the lead in getting all the necessary information compiled. Suggestion was made to pursue a grant writing workshop via the Chamber of Commerce.
  • IMBA Summit: Scheduled for 2015 in Boulder, CO. Possibility of MMBA offering financial support for members to attend.

Andy Gray commented on e-bikes showing up on trails at FC. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on trails, this may become an issue.
Tony Calloway asked about resurrecting the time trails at FC that used to be held in August. Or perhaps developing a fat tire series for the winter.
Brian Orwat suggested changing the meetings to Thursday night after the group ride to attract more members.
Jerseys: Need to get the club jerseys project completed. Hope to have them ready by Iceman November 8th, and definitely by the spring bike swap. Also would like to have club socks available to sell at swap.