April 16, 2014

SWMMBAMeeting Minutes 4/16/14

Meeting was called to order at 6:00 PM at KRESA in Portage,MI. In attendance: Travis Bell, Meg Zaplowski, Charlene Orwat, Rick McIntosh, Amy Simmons, Gordie Allen, Mike Needham, Andy Gray, Tony Trojanowski, Tony Calloway, Ken Sipe, Brian Orwat, and guests Jamie & Mark. All board members present. Mike Needham has accepted the role of past president.

After sign in was complete, the March minutes were reviewed and accepted.


  • Membership: currently stands at 95 active members
  • Treasurers: SWMMBA now has a second acct designated for the stampede. Insurance premiums have been paid. Expenses for Markin Glen will include $700/day for Alex Stewart’s services. Pedal bike owner, Tim, has offered to pay for 1 day.
  • Communications: Postcards available from IMBA to be sent to previous members detailing why they should come back to SWMMBA. We pay postage. Travis will put together a 300 word synopsis of what’s new with SWMMBA (ACTION ITEM).
  • Advocacy: Gordie outlined the problem of insufficient mountain bike representation on the state wide Trail Advocacy Council. There are no seats currently open for mountain bikers to be represented. Gordie suggested the need for a subcommittee to address the problem, volunteers needed to form such committee



  • DNR report was submitted by Tony Trojanowski and appears as an addendum at the end of the minutes. Trail maintenance request form is due by May 1st (ACTION ITEM).
  • Adopt-a-Trail: Individuals & bike shops have committed to 10 sections. Training & waivers will be required. A DNR waiver will be required as well.
  • Stampede: Lack of volunteers remains a concern, link on website to sign up for volunteer hours. Merchandise will be offered to volunteers at cost. Organizers of the Melting Mann race, Jamie & Mark, were present to thank SWMMBA for their support and offer a donation towards Stampede.


  • Committee update: Parks department approved the master plan including the mountain bike trails. MOU sent, awaiting reply. Agreed to hold off announcement until MOU is in place.
  • Design: Alex Stewart will charge $700/day to design trail. Expected to take 2 days.
  • Fund raising: Parks dept. will not be contributing any money to trail development, trail head parking or water. They are prepared to donate tool use & personnel. Fund raising will be necessary.


MTB 101: Program will be held at Al Sabo, meeting at Texas Drive Park lot. Poster being developed

Survey: Plans for roll out, perhaps in conjunction with previously mentioned postcards supplied by IMBA.

Social Activity: Bicycle Film Festival coming up, SWMMBA will set up a table at that event


Primal Jerseys: available through IMBA. Jim from Pedal will check with his vendors to see if a better deal is available.


Suggestions put forth: Brian & Charlene: The development of a bike swap with flea market type format & social activities and agreed to chair the committee for such.

Andy Gray: A form of recognition for adapt-a-trail volunteers with perhaps a sign at the kiosk, or post on FB page

GPS coordinates on signposts for emergency rescue purposes. An app available to tag the trail

Advertisement for Stampede on Radio or in Gazette

Approach Subaru for contributions towards MG

Additionally: Locust recovery going well. To be used for berms etc.

Gordie is moving forward with skills park in the gravel pit area

Meeting was adjourned at 8:32 PM, next meeting May 21 at KRESA